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Top Stories by John Olson

Last year, after migrating a client's application from PFC 5.0.02 to 6.5, then applying some enhancements to take advantage of new features, the program began giving the following PFC error message: "For certain functionality the PFC DataStore requires a reference to its parent window. One of these cases has been encountered. To let the DataStore know who its parent window is, call the of_SetParentWindow() function after the DataStore creation." At first I was disturbed that the PFC developers had coupled the DataStore to a parent object. And worse, not only a parent object, but a window object. This would mean that every DataStore had to be associated with a window. I assumed I'd be forced to use my frame window as a parent for all the "free range" DataStores in my application. After analyzing the PFC code changes, I realized that the DataStore requires a parent w... (more)

The Software Tool Wars

A goal of major software tool companies (Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, Sun, etc.) is to provide every design and development tool, connectivity product and server necessary for customers to design, develop, implement and maintain their enterprise systems. That's a tall order but within reach of each of those four companies. The EAStudio product set, which includes PowerBuilder, now contains a wide variety of tools in all those areas. However, until PowerDesigner 7 (PD7) was released, that set didn't contain an object designer. Last month I highlighted the new features in PowerDesign... (more)

A Nose For The Essentials, Interview with Yakov Werde

Though I spend most of my time consulting on software systems, I also have the pleasure of teaching a variety of courses on Sybase Tools. As a Certified Sybase Instructor, I was able to attend a recent conference in Santa Fe that Sybase put on for its instructors. While there, I sat in on a Java course taught by Yakov Werde. Yakov is a very talented teacher, skilled in communication and humor. It's a good mix. I always enjoy the opportunity to learn from him. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak about his job and get a small glimpse of Yakov after hours. Olson: Briefly tel... (more)

'Welcome to Chuck-A-Luck'

Welcome to Chuck-A-Luck, put your money down and watch the wheel go round...round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows," a mantra I learned well at the Santa Ynez Mission fiesta when I was a kid. Every August it was a week of fun and excitement in the small town where I grew up. I was fascinated by the Chuck-A-Luck man and the mantra he repeated hundreds of times a day. I would watch the wheel spin round and round and get dizzy with excitement. The funny thing is, now when I see the marketing blitzes imposed by megacorporations and "standards" organizations, I hear the ... (more)

PB9: Fish on Tour

PB9 is looking good! Beta testing is underway and the release date is fast approaching. Officially, Sybase states that PB9 will be released in the first half of 2003, but all indications show that it will be in the first half of that broad time frame. Dave Fish, the primary PowerBuilder technical evangelist, is evangelizing at every opportunity. In October, he hosted several Webcasts entitled "PowerBuilder 9.0 Technical Overview - The Future Keeps Getting Brighter!" Fish is touring the U.S. demonstrating the great new features of PB9 at Sybase User Groups, seminars, and conferenc... (more)